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Special quality for special goods

Operating in a wide area carries a huge responsibility to the general public.
Cargotainer GmbH meets this everyday challenge with precision.
Therefore, we always act with high regard to our customer's satisfaction and general needs.

Lots of experience

Experience is a basic pre-requisite for a good position in the global market. Therefore, we keep our operative business up to date with technical and organisational developments.

We meet challenges with quality

Our customers' needs and requirements are steadily increasing. We meet their requests for a consistent and high quality service with our quality management system that is defined by legislation and performed at our own high standards.

Cooperative Relations

The development and realisation of intelligent logistics solutions, which provide long lasting advantages, are the basis of an enduring and extended co-operative relationship.

Economy and Ecology

Economy achieves acknowledgment when it is in balance with ecology, compatible working conditions and social responsibility. Consequently, the management and all of our employees share in the responsibility for quality, job safety, environmental protection and public safety.


Internationale Fachspedition

Ölhafenstraße 36
68169 Mannheim

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68310 Mannheim

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