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Just in case, just lease!

Part of creating your perfect logistic solution is avoiding excess capacities. Therefore, it can be helpful not having to invest in your own equipment but to rather lease containers when necessary. This is the service we offer to you at terms that will convince you!

Good terms and conditions for leasing containers:
  • Short-term, medium-term or long-term leasing is possible
  • A wide range of different container types is available
  • Container rental for commerce and industry as temporary storage capacity with the possibility of trucking and delivery to customer
  • Leasing to tank operators in cases of equipment shortage

Containers for Lease:
  • Tank containers:
    • 20' standard tank container 21.000 up to 26.000 litres volume L4BN T11
    • 20' tank containers with baffles
    • 20' tank containers L10BN
    • 20' rubber-lined containers
    • 7,15m SWAP containers 31.000 litres volume L4BN T11
  • Silo containers:
    • 20' silo containers with RID/ADR/IMDG approval 23.000 up to 25.000 litres volume
    • 20' ISO silo containers for overseas shipments/transport
    • 30' silo containers out of stainless steel for hazardous cargo 39.000 litres volume
    • 30' silo containers for harmless goods 41.000 litres up to 51.000 litres volume

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