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Our container fleet consists of several different types of tank containers that can be despatched worldwide for you.

Caution: hazardous liquids!

Foodstuffs as well as chemicals can be hazardous goods! The handling of which requires specific knowledge, high safety measures and the appropriate transport equipment.

Foodstuff only

A large proportion of our container fleet are insulated 20' tank containers that carry foodstuff only.
We have containers for foodstuff with low transport requirements, e.g. juice concentrate, wine or milk; capacity 26.000 – 27.400 litres.
Special pressure tanks for foodstuff with higher transport requirements, e.g. spirits; capacity 30.000 litres and with RID/ADR and IMDG approval.
Special containers with electric water-glycol heating for heating during transport, e.g. glucose syrup.

Containers for liquid chemicals

The range of special containers for liquid chemicals varies from 21.000 litres up to 31.000 litres.
There are rubber-lined containers for very corrosive cargos, e.g. acids, as well as heavy insulated containers for, as an example, fatty alcohol.

All tank containers at one glance:
  • 20' standard tank containers 21.000 up to 26.000 litres volume L4BN T11
  • 20' tank containers with baffles
  • 20' tank containers L10BN
  • 20' rubber-lined containers
  • Heavy insulated containers, e. g. fatty alcohol
  • 7,15m SWAP containers 31.000 litres volume L4BN T11


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