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Well equipped: from harmless to hazardous

Whether for sensitive foodstuffs or hazardous chemicals, we are equipped with the right silo containers for the challenging transportation of pulverised or grained cargo.

Harmless bulk cargo

For choosing the right silo container for the transport of harmless good, it is important to know the specific bulk density.
  • 30' silo containers with a higher volume can be used for harmless goods with a light bulk density.
  • Special 20' silo containers for goods with a heavy bulk density, for example, concrete.
  • 30' silo containers for harmless goods 41.000 litres up to 51.000 litres volume.

Hazardous cargo

With our long and vast experience, we have developed the know-how for the transportation of hazardous goods and equip or modify our silo containers according to the requirements of the transported cargo. We are, therefore, very flexible in responding to our customer's demands.
  • 20' silo containers with RID/ADR/IMDG approval 23.000 up to 25.000 litres volume
  • 20' ISO silo containers for overseas shipments/transport
  • 30' silo containers out of stainless steel for hazardous cargo 39.000 litres volume

Transport of hazardous goods? We have the know-how!

You will definitely benefit from our specialization.


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